Week 1

I’m part of the Kinetix Breakdance Crew on campus. For our execute board, we have a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Social Chair. We’re all generally new to both the positions and the responsibilities, as we’ve only recently started breaking, and have only become an active exec team within the previous year. It came to me as a surprise when our VP expressed a lack of confidence in her ability to be VP. While it was expected to some degree, as the first year for our current VP and President as exec last year was mostly spent under the guidance of a now-graduate, it still surprised me.

What took me aback more was the idea that, to her, I might’ve been a better fit for the VP position. I personally believe that this was influenced by the heavy emphasis on dance and dance ability in our club. As far as ability goes, something we each struggle with is finding our own niche and strengths. According to her, other members of the club and exec are progressing and improving at a higher rate than she is, while she felt stagnant. This is due to our happenstance advantages in terms of previous dance background and being kinesthetically inclined, but for her, it places her below us.

The suggestion that I might be a better VP because of my own confidence in dance ability, though, is not the case. I know myself as not the most evenly responsible or big-picture person, two things that I believe are important for a president and vice president to be. Dance ability isn’t really a factor in terms of executive management, where I believe she excels better due to having worked closely with the managers of a restaurant in previous years. It makes me wonder how much her feelings are influence by her own general confidence, or if some part of it is influenced by the outward apparent confidence of those around her. It may also be some bias regarding the male-female power dynamic pushed forward by our societal narratives.